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Premiere Running Tool • 350 Ton

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PRT™ Casing Running Tools

Optimized Casing Running and Casing Drilling Operations


Premiere’s casing running tool (PRT™) is the result of cutting edge engineering and field tested standards. The PRT™ features a compact design, rugged construction, and the versatility to run various pipe sizes and weights without compromising performance. Designed with full string handling capabilities (simultaneously pickup, drill, run, ream, rotate, and reciprocate) for casing running operations, the PRT™ decreases the chances of sticking pipe downhole. The PRT™ (Premiere Running Tools) has the ability to fill up and reciprocate the pipe during critical make up or break out procedures. Integrated with a fail safe True-Lock design, the PRT™ virtually eliminates the risk of dropping pipe.

  • Casing Running Package
  • Fail Safe Wedge Grip Slip Design
  • High Speed Swivel
  • Handles With Ease
  • Remotely Operated Control Panel
  • Interlock System & Slip Position Indicator

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Since the PRT™ was designed in-house, Premiere has the ability to instantly make design changes to better suit the needs of our customers. Each tool is tested and retested so that we may ensure a safe and efficient product that stands up to the rigors of today’s oilfield. The PRT™ is truly years ahead of competing CRTs (Casing Running Tools).

PRT™ 350 • Patent # [8,157,004];[8,893,772];[8,240,372]; [20,140,060,853]

Imperial Metric
Top Drive Connection As Per Customer Request As Per Customer Request
Max Hoisting Capacity 350 Tons 317 Metric Tons
Casing Sizes 4-1/2" to 30" 114.3mm to 762mm
Max Rotating Speed 100 RPMs 100 RPMs
Max Pressure Rating 10,000 psi 68.9 MPa
Max Torque 50,000 ft-lbs 67,790 Newton Meters
Length (with fill-up tool) 99” 2,515 Meters
Width 21.75” .55 Meters
Weight (Dressed) 5,693 lbs 2,582 kgs

Compatible with the Premiere Torque Rings • PTR™


Designed and manufactured to meet and exceed the API 8C specifications, the PRT™ can handle more weight and rotational torque, allowing us to perform more critical movements without having to stop the casing run. Rotational torque remains consistent regardless of any increases in string weight or pump pressure.