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Fill-up Circulation Tool

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Magnum Manufacturing Casing Fill up & Circulating Tool

Incomparable Design & Unrivaled Innovation

The Magnum Tubular Flow Tool allows the operator to fill or circulate casing while it is being run into the well. Due to the large flow area it is designed to flow back conditions when float equipment is not being utilized.

  • Available in sizes 6-5/8” to 20”
  • Compatible with Topdrive & Rotary Rigs
  • Push Plate to Aid Pushing the Casing into the Well
  • Multi Packer Seal Capability
  • Modular Components
  • Automatic “Hands Off” Mud Saver Valve
  • Equipped with Release System Above Push Plate

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Magnum Manufacturing utilizes the Draw Works Casing Fill-up and Circulating System to save time and enhance rig safety for our customers during casing running operations. Using a cup type seal system, the tool can stab into the casing for complete fill-up, circulating, and flow back capabilities. The Valves provides a full opening mud saver valve allowing high fill-up or circulating rates and no surge of the well while taking fluid in the flow-back mode. The system can be connected to a top drive or the hook on a rotary rig and accommodates casing sizes ranging from 4 ½” to 20”.